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All About SALT (Student Associate in Learning and Teaching)

For the past two years I have been part of the SALT Engineering team. The Student Associates in Learning and Teaching (SALT) are students working together on a project proposed by the Faculty in order to improve students’ learning experience while at the University.

There are 6 faculty based teams (Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Science, Social Science A and B, and Medicine, Dentistry and Health) and 2 institutional teams (301 and Library). Each team is composed of students from that Faculty, while the institutions teams have members from different faculties. The teams work together with 2 academics on the proposed projects in order to improve learning and teaching techniques in the university.

In the academic year 2016 – 2017 I was a SALT member of the Engineering Team working on improving the internationalisation. I enjoyed working together with students and staff members on achieving our initial goals. This year I was the Lead SALT of the Engineering team. The project was about the Sheffield Graduate Engineering Attributes. We were interested in students’ opinion on what skills an Engineering student should have. We also investigated if the current attributes are misinterpreted by the students. After conducting a survey and multiple focus groups, we managed to provide the faculty with important information about how the Sheffield Graduate Engineering Attributes can be improved.

I have really enjoyed my roles as a regular and Lead SALT. It is a very good experience for students to gain more skills such as team working, communication and presentation skills. You can find out more about SALT and their job opportunities here.

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5 places to visit in Romania

Hello everyone! If you are planning to go on a trip in Europe, you should consider visiting Romania too.

Here are some interesting destinations!

1. The Bucegi Mountains

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The Bucegi Mountains are part of the Carphatian Mountains and they are the tallest in Romania. The Omu Peak has 2,505 meters. The Bucegi is believed to be mountain Kogainon, a holy Dacian mountain where the God Zalmoxis lived in a cave.

The Romanian Sphinx is one of the attractions you can see in The Bucegi Natural Park. It is a natural rock formation that resembles the Egyptian Sphinx. When looked at from a certain angle, the profile of a person can be seen.

Image result for the bucegi mountains

Babele (translated to “old women”) are rock formations that were shaped in time by wind and rain. They can also be found in the Bucegi National Park only a few meters away from The Sphinx.

Image result for babele


2. The Peles Castle

Related image

The Peles Castle is a very popular tourist destination. It is located in Sinaia and it was constructed by King Carol I in a Neo-Renaissance style. Tourists can visit the first and second floor of the Castle that include some of the most impressive rooms: The Regal Library, The Hall of Honour and the Music Room.

The Hall of Honour


The Regal Library

Image result for biblioteca regala castelul peles

The Music Room



3.  The Bran Castle

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The Bran Castle is located in the Transylvania Region of Romania and it was constructed in the 1300s. It is known as the castle of Dracula from the famous Gothic horror novel by Bram Stoker. The real-life Dracula that lived inside the castle is Vlad The Impaler. He was known for his cruelty, killing approximately 100,000 people during his life time. The name of ‘Impaler’ comes from his favourite killing method: impaling the victims using big vertical stakes attached to the ground.


4. The Transfagarasan Highway

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The Transfagarasan is a 90 km (60 miles) long mountain road in the Carpathian Mountains. Its sharp turns can be a challenge for drivers and the maximum speed limit is 40km/h (25miles/h). The highest point of the road (2,034 m altitude) passes by the Bâlea Lake where the first European ice hotel was built. The road is open from June until October.

The Bâlea Lake


5. Bucharest

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Bucharest is the capital and the cultural centre of Romania. The architecture of the city is a mix of neo-classical, interbellum and modern styles. Its beautiful buildings and elegant architecture earned it the name of Little Paris. 

The Palace of Parliament, located in central Bucharest, is the second largest administrative building in the world and it has over 1,100 rooms. The construction started in 1983 and it was finalised in 1997. The building cost is estimated at 3 billion Euro.

Image result for parliament building bucharest


I hope this post made you a bit more curious about Romania! It is never too early to start planning your next trip!

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Exam Revision

The Holiday Season is only a few weeks away but this also means that we are getting closer to the January Exams. It is never too early to start planning your revision so here are a few tips to help you study.

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Filter your notes

  • Since it is quite difficult to study everything written in the lecture notes, go over them and select the relevant information for your exam. To make studying easier, you could put all the relevant parts in a separate document so you can have everything you need from the lectures in only one place.

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Make a study schedule

  • Decide on a certain time-slot you want to study everyday and divide the workload on days. Make sure you recap the notes you have already studied just to keep the information fresh in your memory.

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Reward yourself

  • If you find it difficult to stay focused on your work, set a reward for when you finish studying what you planned for that day. Having something to look forward to can boost your productivity.

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If you want to learn more about how you can revise efficiently for the upcoming exams, you can attend the Exam Revision Workshop at 301 on 5th and 6th December.

You can sign up and find out more about this workshop by clicking here.

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Things to see around Sheffield

Hello everyone! If you want to plan a fun weekend in Sheffield, here are some interesting places you could visit!

The Bolsover Castle

The Bolsover Castle is only 45 minutes away from Sheffield by car. You can visit the Fountain Garden, you can take a walk on the newly restored wall walk, watch the Cavalier Horsemanship or get the hands on experience by visiting the Little Castle where there are no barriers or ropes.



The Peak District

The Peak District is a national park that has many tourist attractions.  You can visit the Chatsworth House,  the alpacas farm or just enjoy the splendid view of the hills and plateaus.Background-1-Ladybower.jpg


The Botanical Gardens

Located in Sheffield on Clarkehouse Road, The Botanical Gardens have over 5,000 species of plants that are part of the National Plant Collection. The Glass Houses inside the garden have an impressive collection of cactuses.

giphy (1).gif

This is a great place to have a picnic or to have walk and admire the view. The gardens are also known for their very friendly squirrels so if you plan going, pack some snacks for them too :).



These are only a few of the places you can visit while in Sheffield. I hope this helps!

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Summer internships for engineers

Hello everyone! Over the summer I had a 12 week internship so I thought I would share some tips with you.

  • Start early

I know this is just the first week of the University year but it is never too early to start getting prepared. Look for companies that you are interested in and see what kind of internships they provide. Most job offers will be available starting November but it is better if you know what options you have. University of Sheffield organizes the Engineering Graduate Recruitment & Placement Fair on 17th October where over 60 organisations will take part in. You have the chance to meet and talk to various employers and find out more about their offers and expectations.


  • Getting your CV ready

Writing your CV in the proper way for the first time can be a bit difficult. Look online for examples of CVs and see what suits your needs best. The Careers Service has some tips on how to make a good impression with your CV. You can check this on their website here.  If you want to get your CV checked by someone, you can book an individual appointment at the Careers Service and they can give you more advice.


  • Study for the interview

If you will be called for an interview, there is a big chance you will be asked some technical questions. Depending on the type of role you are applying for, the topics of the questions can vary. Researching the company is a good way to find out what kind of questions you can expect. If it is a bigger company you might find past interview questions online.

tenor (1).gif

  • Don’t give up

Applying for an internship for the first time isn’t always easy. Some employers might look for some more experienced students that have more knowledge about the role. If your first few applications are rejected, don’t panic! Apply for as many jobs as you can and don’t be discouraged by rejection. One good idea is to look for smaller companies. Even though they are not very famous, they provide the perfect environment to start your engineering career.


The application process might differ from company to company (e.g. various tests, number of on-site interviews) but if you prepare well beforehand, you will be successful!

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Starting a new society

Hello there! This is Stefana with some tips on how to start a society! If you couldn’t find a society that suits your interests you can take your passion to the next level and start your own society!

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First, you will have to read the application criteria on the Students Union website and make sure that your society follows the guidelines. There are some types of activities that aren’t allowed such as sports or high risk activities. Also, you need to make sure that your interest isn’t already represented by another society.

The next step is completing an online application. The application form will be available starting September. One of the questions asks you how is your proposed society different from the existing ones.

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After you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the Societies Committee. If it is approved, you will be contacted by the Student Groups Administrator and you will have to complete 3 documents: A Society Constitution, Committee Details Part A and Committee Details Part B (one per each member of the committee).

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And that is everything! You can check the Students Union website for more detailed information on this.

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A bit about me

Hello everyone! My name is Stefana and I am a new Intern here at 301. I am a second year Computer Science student so I spend most of my time in front of a computer. You will see me behind the reception desk starting September. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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This past academic year I was a Student Associate for Learning and Teaching working on improving Internationalisation in the Engineering Faculty. Our final project was starting a new society called Engineering Everything. The society will have events such as workshops, cross departmental projects, industry talks and also some fun events such as quizzes and competitions.

Image result for salt sheffield

I am also part of the KPop Dance Society. We meet once a week during term time and learn a new dance together. Our performance team did some amazing dance covers that you can check out on our Youtube channel.

Thank you for reading and I hope I will see you soon at 301!