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London Travelling Tips

Hey everybody! I often travel to London to visit friends and relatives, so I thought I’d share some tips when travelling to London.
  • Public Transport Payment

giphy (8)

Unlike Sheffield, London’s public transport does not accept cash as payment, so you will have to get an oyster card, use contactless cards or use mobile payments. I would recommend getting the oyster card, if you don’t have or use any of the other payment methods. Also, if you have a 16-25 railcard, you can link it with your oyster card and get the 1/3 discount for off-peak travelling! There are many oyster card top-up kiosk too, so you will not have to worry about not being able to top-up.
  • Getting Around

giphy (9)

If you aren’t familiar with London, getting around may be difficult, especially when you don’t know which tube line you need to take. My London friend recommended to me the app, City Mapper, which made it so much easier. The app tells you the most time-efficient route and you can also choose single type of transportation routes. The app is updated in real time, so if there is a delay or strike, it will notify you and provide you alternative routes. When changing tube lines, the app also tells you which carriage to be in, so you can get to the exit or connection faster. The best part about this app is that it’s free!
  • Tube Etiquette


When you’re in London, you will probably be using the tube to get around. There are quite a couple of tube etiquette, but I’m going to just mention 2 most important ones. When riding the escalators in London, stand on the right side because the left side is for people who wants to walk and get to their destination quickly. The second etiquette is to allow people to get off the carriage first, then only get on. It makes it easier for you and other passengers to board and alight the train.
There you have it. Hope this helps with your London trip!
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Organising A Dance Team

Hey everybody! I’m part of a dance team called Equinox. Recently, we entered an audition to compete in the K-pop World Festival UK Regional Round in London and got through (the audition video will at the bottom of the post)! While I did not create Equinox, I have had experiences in organising dance teams. So, I thought I’d share some tips on how to organise a dance team.
First, you will need to choose the right team members. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your members, such as dance skills, attitude and availability. The most obvious thing to look for is dance skills. Some people may have previous dance experiences and thus better dance skills, while some may not have any sort of dance experience but you can see potential. As the past UoS K-pop Dance Society president, I have taken in those without dance experience but with a lot of potential. This is also depending on whether you are willing to put in the time and effort to teach them.
giphy (1).gif
A can-do attitude is also an important trait to have. If your team members are practicing dance as a hobby, they will need to be motivated and take the initiative to learn the choreography. Being able to take criticism and learn from it are also equally important for improvement and self-development. In addition, they will need to be able to work well in a team.
giphy (2).gif
The last thing to check is the availability of your team members. If a choreography have a lot of formations and member-dependent dance moves, you will have to ensure that they can attend most of the dance practices.
giphy (3).gif
After you have formed your dance team and chosen the choreography, the learning and practicing begins. For learning choreographed dance from videos, I would suggest learning the dance from mirrored videos and slowing down the speed to learn it properly. If your dance team members learn their choreography individually, a good tip is to have a circle dance time to ensure everybody is in sync with each other.
giphy (4)
Those are my tips for organising a dance team. Hope you find it useful and good luck if you’re going to organise one!
Note: This post was written before the K-pop World Festival UK Regional Round on 8 July.
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Educational YouTube Channels Recommendations

Hi everybody! Kim here again. Over the summer, I often find myself craving for mental stimulus but not something heavy and dull. What helped me was educational YouTube videos as it’s visually engaging, not mentally draining and easy to comprehend.

Here are videos and the 5 channels that I really recommend to check out:

The channel posted the footnote video first and recommended their viewers to watch it first to understand the actual video.


After watching the footnote, you will get the gist that this video used sarcasm and reverse psychology, and not to be taken as it is.


What I love about this video is it’s humourous and simultaneously motivational content, and simplistic art of stick figures.


This is the channel’s latest video about white and dark dwarfs. They usually post videos related to science and technology, but they also discuss economic and social issues.


Their animation style is always adorable and colourful, and it helps me understand the content better. They also put up the sources used in their videos, so people could further look into the topic.


I first stumbled upon Khan Academy in 2013, during my college year. I needed help with Calculus and Economics. The channel also has videos on general mathematics, world history, chemistry and even medicine! The video below helped me understand monetary policy and fiscal policy.


Khan Academy videos basically helped me ace college. The explanations on each topic are easy to comprehend because the speaker explains it using simple English and used examples.


TED-ed’s channel focuses on creating lessons worth sharing and is an extension of TED’s mission of spreading great ideas. They usually post videos about art, science, history, and general knowledge. Since I’m having a cuppa while writing this, here’s a video on the history of tea.


TED-ed’s videos are usually approximately 5 minutes long, which is great if you like short videos, and have different animation styles.


Last but not least, it’s the 301’s very own Youtube channel! The videos we post are related to study skills development and advice. Take some time before term starts and watch our videos to improve on your study skills.




I hope you all found those videos and channels interesting. If you like them, I would recommend liking and subscribing to show them support. Bye!

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Representative Committees and My Experience Being Part of One

Hey everybody! Kim here. Today’s post will be all about Representative Committees and my experience.

giphy (49)

I was the Marketing and Publicity Officer of the International Students’ Committee (ISC) for 2016/17. To be honest, I didn’t know that the ISC was one of the Representative Committees in the Students’ Union when I first joined them. I just thought that it was just another society and I was wrong because Representative Committees serve a bigger purpose for members of the Students’ Union.

Representative Committees exist to promote the views and interests of, and organise activities for, specific sections of the Full Members of the Students’ Union. There are in total, 7 elected representative committees at Sheffield’s Students’ Union: Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Committee, Disabled and Dyslexic Students’ Committee, International Students’ Committee, LGBT+ Students’ Committee, Mature Students’ Committee, Postgraduate Students’ Committee and Womens’ Committee. These committees are run by students who wants to represent and receive specialist staff support.

giphy (51).gif

I was elected on October 2016, which is quarter way through the role term. Any student who fits the requirements of the roles in Representative Committees can try to run for it. I was basically in charge of the ISC’s social media platforms and marketing strategies of all the events and campaigns. I also had personal goals to achieve as the officer, which was to implement more sustainable marketing practices for the ISC. The ISC had all kinds of events and campaigns, such as World Week, World Food Festival, International Cultural Evening, Refugees Week, TV Marathon for Climate Change 2017, and Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. While I did not totally eliminate flyering as a promotional tool, I reduced the amount of waste by only buying the necessary amount needed. Besides that, we increased the amount of online paid promotions.

image1 (2)
The 2016/17 ISC Executive Committee Farewell Dinner

I have already officially retired from the role. I believe the future committee will achieve much more than the committee of my year. Majority of the ISC members are passionate about their roles and making a positive impact. If you would like to get involved (I would recommend!), follow the ISC’s Facebook page and sign up to be part of the subcommittees. We have a subcommittee for events, welfare, publicity and media. By being part of the subcommittee, you get perks, like free entry to our events and campaigns. And who knows, you might even take up an official committee role in the future.


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Get on Twitter!

I have been an avid Twitter user since 2011 and still is one. I have 2 Twitter accounts: 1 for entertainment and professional use. Here is 4 reasons why you should get on it:

  • Follow celebrities:

The beauty of Twitter is that it gives users the opportunity to tweet to celebrities with public Twitter accounts. If you’re lucky, they might just roast you or pay your student loans.


  • For the giggles:

There are accounts for all sorts of reasons.

For when Big Ben strikes:


For high quality pixel gifs:


For relatable Japanese and English tweets:


  • Follow University of Sheffield services accounts:

They will bring you up-to-date news regarding the university or community. The 301 regularly tweets about the services and workshops they provide.

Now that it’s exam season, the University of Sheffield Libraries account tweets about available study places.

There’s also a Twitter account where University of Sheffield members take turns every week to tweet from that account. So, if you like to read other people’s daily tweets, this is the account to follow. Currently, it’s one of the graduate interns of 301, Jess, tweeting!


  • To tweet all day:

You can literally tweet however much or little you want on Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, unlike Facebook, so you have a lot more freedom in posting as much or little (as long as it’s within the 120 characters limit!). Some people post long threads on Twitter to tell a story and that’s perfectly fine. The thread can’t be displayed by embedding the first tweet, so click on it and have fun scrolling through it!


Hope that was convincing enough for you! See you next time!

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Why sign up for the Academic Skills Certificate? Part 2

I was pondering on what to write for my next blog post, so I asked Maddie for inspiration. She made sprinkle hand motions above my head and said, “Inspiration.” Then, she suggested I make a part 2 of her blog, ‘Why sign up for the Academic Skills Certificate?’, and here it is.

giphy (41).gif

  1. You get to practice self-reflection.

In order to obtain the Academic Skills Certificate, you will be asked to write a 2500 word reflection piece on the workshops and your academic skills development. It’s a great skills to develop because it helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and where you could improve on. This skill is not only beneficial for academic development, but also  career and personal development. Competency-based interviews are common and self-reflection can help you formulate answers.

giphy (42).gif

  1. It’s free.

Not going to lie, I applied for many of these certificates and courses because it was free. During my 4 years in Sheffield, I have obtained the Skills for Work Certificate, Academic Skills Certificate, Code First: Girls’ Python Course Completion Certificate and Sheffield Graduate Award. Listing these achievements in your CV can make you stand out and more employable.

giphy (43)

  1. It might land you a job.

The 301 was looking for interns to hire for the 16/17 academic year, and I really needed a part-time job. Due to the fact that I had already obtained the Academic Skills Certificate, I had the experience of attending the workshops, understood the certificate application process, and knew about the services they offered. I can’t say for sure that this was the exact reason for getting hired, but I think it helped! It’s been about 8 months since I started as an intern and I’m so grateful for being able to work here. 

giphy (44)


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Academic Skills Certificate here:

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Give 1:1 Study Skills Tutorials A Go!

Hey everybody!

I have recently took advantage of the 1:1 Study Skills Tutorial at the 301 Students Skills and Development Centre. I realised that I needed help with writing literature reviews as I did not have a lot experience in it. The Dissertation Planning workshop did discuss literature reviews but I needed more guidance on how to think and write critically.

giphy (32)

I took the initiative to sign up for the tutorial here. The 1:1 tutorial is much more flexible than workshops as you can choose which time slot. When signing up, you will have to fill in a form regarding what you would like to discuss during the session. It is essential to do it so the tutors can prepare and help you as much as possible in half an hour.

The form you will have to fill in when you book a tutorial


I was brought to the pod by the tutor, Kirsty. I explained to her my concerns and showed her an example of a literature review I did for an assignment. She listened and read my piece, then gave me recommendations and advice for what I could do to improve on it in the future. She also gave me some paper resources to read and later sent me online resources.


The experience was informative and relaxing. The tutor made sure to go through with all of my issues and gave me tailored advice. I have learned a lot from this tutorial and feel more confident with literature reviews now.


Although it’s semester break now, the 1:1 Study Skills Tutorials are still available! Give 1:1 Study Skills Tutorials a go! It is really helpful if you need extra guidance and to learn a topic in-depth.


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What If I Can’t Attend Workshops?

Hi everybody! Kim here.

I have been promoting the benefits of 301 workshops to my friends and coursemates ever since I started working as an intern. Most of them expressed interest, but mentioned that they cannot attend it because they do not have the time or the workshop timings do not fit into their schedule.

Well, what if I told you that there are alternative ways in which you could get access to the workshop resources.


Option 1: If you cannot attend the workshops, there are carousels by the entrance which hold summary printouts of all the 301 workshops. Some of the printouts have templates on them where you could bring them home and write or draw on them.

Option 2: If you do not have the time to come in, we have online resources of our workshops. 


Option 3: If reading isn’t your thing, we have a couple of videos on our YouTube account with similar resource content.

Option 4: We also offer 1-on-1 study skills tutorials where you could choose your appointment and study skills to focus on with our tutors. The appointments are shorter than the workshops and you have the flexibility to choose your appointment slot.


I hope that helps.

See ya next time!

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Reporting For Duty

Hello Sugar Plums! My name is Kimberly. I am one of the new interns at the 301 and will be mainly behind the reception, so you might see me there when you come into the 301 centre. Here is a picture of me, so you know how I look.


Please do not hesitate to come up to me to chat or enquire! We are here to help and we hope to make your experience here at the 301 a good one.


You might also spot me taking your attendance for workshops, replenishing flyers. grabbing a cup of tea or chasing you out of the 301 at 7pm.


Outside of 301, I am active within K-pop Dance Society. You might get the chance to see me perform around the University of Sheffield.


We did cover this dance in the gif above. You can watch our performance from last year at the Activities Award below.


I hope that you found the post interesting and thank you for reading!