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Volunteering experiences and Charities

If you’re looking for different ways of being involved in a charity or gain some volunteering experience, Sheffield has loads of opportunities for that. The Students’ Union itself has a Volunteering Office where you can sign up for different kinds of opportunities; whether it’s for outreach events or helping refugees or homeless people in the city. Based on your preferences, they can send you email about different opportunities available and you can sign up for them. But if you are looking for something beyond that, here are some of the societies in Sheffield that does some great work and also, mentioned here are some other ways external to the University that you can help and make the world a better place.

Bone Marrow Society

Sheffield Marrow is a student branch Anthony Nolan for the UK stem cell registry. For some patients with blood cancers like leukaemia or lymphoma, their last chance of survival may be a stem cell transplant. Some patients may find this match within their family, but a staggering 2/3rds of patients rely upon the kindness of a stranger having joined a stem cell register somewhere in the world. They hold regular sign up clinics in both the Students’ Union and some halls of residence. Signing up takes less than 15 minutes and all that is required is a sample of saliva. You can look out for their events throughout the year by following their page and help save thousands of lives!

Teddy Bear Hospital Society

This society is run by a group of medical students running events for children that aim to reduce fears and anxieties around hospital and GP visits, as well as working to educate children on leading a healthy lifestyle.

They hold one main event each February at Weston Park Museum, where last year they saw more than 800 children and their teddies visit! Children take their teddies to be weighed, bandaged, scanned in their fancy MRI machine, as well as learning about healthy living, road safety and exercising. 

Throughout the year they organise a variety of other events with schools, playgroups, beaver troops and more, which are great opportunities to get involved with.

Wellbeing Cafe

The Wellbeing Cafe is based in the Students’ Union, with a proactive focus on wellbeing. They use surplus food to create a healthy pay-as-you-feel meal every Monday during term time. Everyone is welcome, staff and students, as they want it to be a space where everyone is equal. You can use the space for whatever you need it to be – there is no pressure to eat, or to socialise with others.

The main purpose is to form a space that aims to holistically tackle some of the key welfare issues for students, by creating a feeling of community and overcoming isolation.


Bummit is the world’s largest, student organised, charity hitchhiking group and a sub-committee of Sheffield RAG (Raising & Giving).

They currently run two main events per year. The goal of these events is to hitchhike to a pre-determined location within a given time limit and raise as much sponsorship through doing so as they can.

Last year they raised over £60,000 for charity.

During this adventure, you will be able to travel in teams of 2 or 3 from Sheffield to a pre-determined city in Europe via a mystery half way point (to be revealed at set off), and so many places in between. What better way could you spend your Easter holiday than travelling across Europe with friends, raising money for charity?

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus situation, the charity hitchhike didn’t take place this year but if things are settled, you can get involved with it next year!


International charity:

  • Cool Earth – Cool Earth is a charity that works with local people to halt deforestation and climate change

Local South Yorkshire charities:

  • Rotherham Abuse Counseling Service – Provide important support to anyone who has been a victim of abuse.
  • Men Up North – A local charity trying to battle the current male mental health crisis.
  • Roundabout – An amazing charity tackling the homelessness epidemic.
  • Paces – A wonderful charity who support people with neurological conditions – especially children.

These are just some of the ways I’ve come across to be involved in some charities and fundraising. If you know of any other good ones, please leave a comment below this blog post! 😀

Finally, because of these unfortunate times that we’re in (HINT: Coronavirus!), some of our students and staff members are working relentlessly to 3D print face masks and shields for the NHS workers in the iForge (The Diamond). If you can help them in any way possible (since they really need more funds to carry on), please check this link out and donate whatever you can to save lives.

Funding for NHS Workers

Please stay safe and stay healthy! ❤




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