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An Egg-cellent Easter

Are you staying in Sheffield over the Easter holidays? Are you afraid that you might not have much to do around here since your friends might be leaving for home?


Sheffield has plenty of things for you to do over Easter. I remember the first time I was in Sheffield and honestly, Sheffield looks like a ghost town without its students. Since I didn’t have much to do, I actually went out and explored Sheffield like never before.

So here are some of the things you can see or do in Sheffield over Easter (when you are a little free from all the term-time stress).

Mayfield Alpacas Animal Farm

Who doesn’t like to play with some cute Alpacas? Entry to this park in only £4.50 which would then lead you to a world of interesting animals from all over the world. A walk around the park enables you to see the whole variety of animals that are there at Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park, with plenty of helpful and informative boards full of interesting facts about the different kind of animals. When you visit you will be able to see Alpacas from South America, meerkats from Africa, exotic birds from every continent alongside horses and farm animals of every kind.

a gif of an alpaca. The camera zooms in on the alpaca and it winks.

It also offers fantastic views across the Mayfield Valley, so there really is plenty to see.
You can take a bus (Bus No. 181) from the Botanical Gardens which goes to a stop named Sheephill Road which is just 5 minutes walking distance from the farm. The whole journey would take you around 40 minutes from the Students’ Union.

Rivelin Valley

If you would like to look and relax in nature then this would be the perfect place for you to be. The trails in this valley are relatively easier (since it’s not steep) and short too. So if you fancy a good short walk in the midst of nature, this would be your place to be. The nature trail runs along the side of the rushing river which is surrounded by attractive woodlands. Along the way you’ll pass a series of weirs, and little waterfalls with a variety of interesting flora and fauna. This great park is free to visit, and boasts a nature trail, amazing woodlands, a cafe, playgrounds, FREE water splash and paddling pool in summer. You can take Bus No. 51 near the Students’ Union to go to this stop named Blackbrook Road, and it’s a 15 minute walk from there. The whole journey would take around 45 minutes.

a photo of a small waterfall in Rivelin Valley in Sheffield. Around the waterfalls are lots of very bright green trees. It looks peaceful.

Peak District – Padley Gorge

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Peak District if you’re living in Sheffield or you’ve probably even been there at least once. But you most probably went to places like Stanage Edge and Bakewell and so on. If you want a taste of visiting Middle Earth, Padley Gorge is the place to be. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you’ll definitely feel like you’re on the sets of this film. This place has beautiful streams that you can walk through and meanwhile enjoy the forests surrounding you. The trail isn’t that steep either so it’s suitable for anyone really and it’s amazing!!

a photo of Padley Gorge in Sheffield. A rocky path runs through a forest of trees. The leaves on the trees have fallen off. The trees are covered in green moss and the sky is grey. It looks creepy.

Sports Sheffield sessions

‘I’m gonna start working out from tomorrow!’. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there at one point. If you were busy during your term time to get fit or try out something new, Sports Sheffield offers a really good recourse for that during Easter! You can try out their free sessions on Badminton or Squash and also try out the gym and swimming facilities. Just have an eye out on their page and you’ll be able to see all the updates and get fit during Easter!

So these are all the places I had visited during Easter since I had a little more time than usual during that period. If you have any other fun things to do around Sheffield, please leave a comment under this blog.
Else, get Egg-cited for Easter!!

a gif of some chocolate-dipped Peeps on top of shredded coconut. Above this, the words 'Happy Easter to my peeps' is written in calligraphy in pink, yellow, purple, and blue.




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