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All about PASS: Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Coming to University after high school can be a bit overwhelming. The courses are taught differently and the amount of information you receive every week is greater than before. There are many services around the University to help you cope with work. One of them is PASS: Peer Assisted Study Sessions. If you like studying with other people, then PASS is for you!

The Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) is a project developed by the 301 Academic Skills Centre in collaboration with a number of academic departments at the University of Sheffield. It provides help and support for students by having a higher year student from the same course share their knowledge and expertise. PASS is a popular learning model used around the globe and there is extensive evidence to support the benefit of studying in such an environment.

What happens during PASS?

All peer study sessions are department specific. A student in a higher level of study from that course will run the meeting. They are trained Peer Assisted Leaders that will help the lower level students during the session using their skills and knowledge. They help the participant students understand their work and reach their own solutions by encouraging group discussions. The informal environment helps students feel more at ease and enables them to engage in fun and interesting conversations with other students from the same department.

Why take part in PASS?

There are many benefits you can gain by taking part in PASS. Since peer assisted learning is a internationally recognised study model, there have been numerous studies that researched the impact of taking part in PASS. Some of the benefits include:

  • A smoother transition from high school learning environment to the University learning environment.
  • Development of communication skills, teamwork skills, and time management skills.
  • Improved academic results

Also, you can gain HEAR Recognition for attending the sessions.

Past participants talked about how PASS helped them be more confident in their own knowledge, achieve better results, and make new friends

If you would like to participate in a PASS session, ask your department if they are currently holding any sessions. If your department does not have PASS session, check the 301 website to see how you could start a PASS group.





We are 301 Academic Skills Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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