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Making the most of Easter!

Easter has come both too early (as exams are around the corner) and too late (as we all need a good break)! This is the time to start preparing for exams and having some well-deserved relaxation. This guide will help you make the most of your break.

Come into 301!

Okay, this may not be the first thing on your list over Easter but trust me it is a good tip. We have handouts on our carousel in reception for all things study skills including exam revision planning, mind maps and exam technique.


Create a Balance

We have 3 weeks off over Easter so I try to plan my time so that I take one week off, one week to catch up on work and one week to get ahead and prepare for exams.

Time off

This semester has been tough with the stress of the strikes and extra-curricular activities so you need to take some time off! This can be easier said than done but you don’t want to burn out before exams hit, especially considering these are final exams for a lot of us. See your family and take long walks with your dog. Appreciate the little things before having to get back into the swing of university.

*I had to include more than one photo because these dogs are too cute!

Catch Up

I mean this in many ways: catch up on sleep and catch up with friends and family but most importantly catch up with any missed classes. I must admit, I’m a typical student and fall into the trap of not attending lectures whilst telling myself I’ll catch up tomorrow (which I never do). Then I skip other classes to catch up with my missed classes. It now means I have around 12 hours of lecture recordings to catch up on. You don’t want to start the next half of the semester with last semesters work hanging over you so do it now.

Get Ahead

This is the perfect opportunity to also get ahead for next semester and ensure you have done the reading in advance. This will really take the pressure off when you are doing exam revision and is my top tip for the Easter break! Be careful not to over-do it. You also need to follow my tip above about taking a break to avoid burning out.


Revision Plans

Get a solid plan in place as soon as possible for revision because in the Summer exams come around very quickly once teaching has ended. You can use to make a study planner where you enter each module along with all of your commitments and it makes a plan for you. If you have any other time available, make sure to start making revision resources.  This can be in the form of revision cards, mind maps or whatever works best for you.



We are 301 Academic Skills Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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