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End of year checklist


Can you believe it’s already June? The end of another year at uni is almost here and it’s time to start moving out of your Sheffield house for summer (unless your doing a placement!).

May is always a hectic month for uni students, with lots of revision, deadlines, exams and no doubt lots of celebrating too (or to come if you’re not quite finished!). However this means you might not end up leaving much time to think about the things you need to do before you move out for summer. Luckily, this blog is to help take that stress away in providing you a simple checklist of things to remember to do before moving home. You’re welcome!


1. Handing in your keys!

Probably the most important thing – sort out when and where you need to hand in your house keys before you leave and check all your housemates are doing the same.

2. Leaving your house/flat

Definitely the most boring thing on this list is the dreaded end of year flat-clean (particularly if you’re living in halls!), but it’s got to be done. Make sure you sort out a day in advance when everyone’s free so that everyone is helping!

Whilst your packing your things and cleaning your house, it’s wise to take some photos of the house such as any scuffs or marks so you have a record of everything.

Make arrangements for moving your stuff (there’s always so much more than you’d imagine!) and see if its possible to move it straight from your old accommodation to your new one.

Finally, make sure you sort out when there will be a final house inspection and how/when you’ll be receiving your deposit back

3. Make summer plans to meet up

You all promised to see each other through the summer but before you know if everyone’s made different plans and it’s the end of August! To avoid going all summer without managing to coordinate the groupchat make it a bit easier by sorting a date and location now.

4. Return any library books

Kind of self-explanatory! If you’re a final year student you need to return books by the 10th June 🙂

5. Donate or throw out unwanted items

You might find you have lots of things at the end of the year you no longer want or need (or simply can’t fit in your suitcase/ car). If this is the case make sure you take advantage of the Sheffield Donate, Don’t Waste scheme!

There’s lots of sites you can donate unwanted items such as food and kitchenware (see the site above) and as a last resort you can collect 2 extra red bin bags for waste (from the Student Advice Centre or Propertywithus in the SU), to be collected from your house. Make sure you don’t simply allow your normal black bins to overflow as this is a nuisance for other residents and you may get a fine!!

6. Have a one last final meal (until September…) at your favourite Sheffield eatery

Last but definitely not least.. It could be over 3 full months before you next get chance to experience the joys that is a Notty house pie or Harley burger so take full advantage!




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