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Spending your summer in Sheffield? We’ve got you sorted!

This one is for a bit of procrastination for me as much as you, as I look out the window at a sunny evening.  I’m a postgraduate taught student so will be hanging around until August (and then probably staying on) and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ll be doing this summer in Sheff. Apart from labs of course.

What about Uni?

What happens to the SU in summer? Do nights out still happen? What’s open? All questions I have been pondering as the summer draws nearer. Well I’ve done a bit of research for us both:

  • If you have work to be doing the IC open as usual. BUT bare in mind that you can only enter if your U-card is still in date.
  • Volunteering projects are still run (although it is likely that you still need to be a student) and there is a GIAG programme. The Global Campus also arranges activities for students staying during the vacation with events from walking to pub trips.
  • Lots of events run throughout summer at the University, ranging from classical concerts to learning how to ride a bike!
  • The University Counselling service, Careers service and other key student services run but with slightly reduced opening hours!



The summer housing crisis (not the national one!)


Not applicable to all as most undergraduates will be sorted for summer housing! However, like most student tenancies my contract ends at the end of June so like most Master’s student have a housing dilemma. There are various options available for people in this position who have to fill a month and a bit:

  1. Stay in Sheffield. Simple just sign for another place. This is my current plan to take a year out and figure out my life.
  2. Crash at a mates. Got a mate that doesn’t need their room in Sheffield over summer, ask to use it and pay their rent?
  3. Find a room. There are plenty of websites out there for finding a room for the short-term so this shouldn’t be to hard!
  4. Move home with the occasional commute. Obviously this is very dependent on where you live and your course, for instance I’m from London and have to be in 9-5 each day so this is not feasible for me! But if you only have an extended piece to write you could potentially


That precious free time

Now onto something a bit more fun! What can you do with that summer free time in Sheffield? To put it bluntly, a lot.

  • Tramlines. A great inner city festival with some great acts this year including The Libertines and Primal scream! I went last year and had an absolute blast.
  • Day trips. Sheffield is pretty much in the middle of the country in lovely Yorkshire, so you’re spoilt for choice. The old city of York, metropolitan Leeds and Manchester and idyllic Bakewell are all on your doorstep. If you fancy some seaside there’s Whitby or if you fancy some outdoors there’s the Peak’s, Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors all nearby!
  • Doc Fest. Running the week after the semester ends is Sheffield’s DocFest with the one and only Louis Theroux attending this year! I’ve already got my ticket!
  • Sheffield Pride. Support the LGBT+ community in Sheffield whatever your sexuality at a wonderful free festival!


These are just some ideas, obviously you can do all the standard stuff in (hopefully) some sunshine!

I hope this has helped or at least served as a welcome distraction!


Useful sites for finding accommodation:



We are 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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