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The definitive guide of where to study in Sheffield!

So, it’s that time of the semester again… Although it feels like term only just started, exams and deadlines are just around the corner. Before you know it summer will be here (yay) and I’ll still be procrastinating and drinking cocktails, but just not feeling guilty about it. The countdown is on…


On that note, everywhere is starting to get busy. If you enter the IC at peak time you are simply not going to get a desk (even one of those mini-in-between-corner-desks). This time of year brings out the primal side of library go-ers alike and tensions are running high.  Don’t even try rocking up to the silent study at midday or saving your desk with a phone charger whilst you go for a 2 hour break…

However, help is here. Whilst everyone else scrabbles for a desk at 7:45am in three weeks time you can be happily snoozing, catching up on well earned sleep. Here’s the definitive list of where to study in Sheffield (even in exam period)…


For group studying

Group studying can be really useful and is sometimes a necessity. Learning from your friends is a great way to make sure you understand course material by testing and helping each other, and sometimes group work is a mandatory part of your module. However, you really don’t want to be the group talking too loudly about holiday plans in the area which is not technically silent study, but nevertheless everyone is hating on you for being a distraction. Book a study room using My Rooms and Resources instead. Or alternatively go to one of the sitting areas in the SU, such as above the main entrance or in Uni Central above the Shop!


For the best coffee

If you’re like me and coffee is a prerequisite to a good library session then you’ll be interested in these options…

Upshot espresso (on Glossop Road just up from Subway) has incredible coffee and quite a few tables. If you don’t go slap-bang at lunch time you should easily find a nice table to yourself to have a coffee and do some reading. Coffee at View Deli in the SU is also pretty good and it’s cheap! The ultimate coffee has got to be at Steamyard, though – depending on the time you go you can get a little table for studying (although it can get pretty busy at lunch time). Make sure you bring your mac and oversized reading glasses so you can channel your edgy studying vibes, and why not treat yourself to a Kronut whilst you’re there?


For peace and quiet

You can’t beat the IC level 2 for silent studying, however it can get a bit hectic at this time of year so another suggestion is level 5. If you’re an IC rookie you might not have ventured beyond level 4, however the staircase leads to two more levels of silent study, with a great view too!

The Diamond level 4 and Western Bank main reading room are both silent study too. Also, in exam season level 4 in Western Bank is silent as well.


For when you forget your UCard

Arriving to the Diamond or the IC bright and early and realising you’ve forgotten your UCard is devastating – we all know the feeling. However when you forget your UCard there’s still plenty of options to go and study! You can go to Uni Central or View Deli in the SU and you won’t even have to leave to get some lunch.

If you need a computer then another option is the very underrated study space in the Arts Tower on level 10 (Room 10.2). You also get a fab view and to ride the paternoster so what’s not to love?


Happy studying from 301! 




We are 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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