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Getting back into the swing of things- revision back at Uni!

The theory goes that after a 3 week break you should be full of life and ready to revise, submit assignments and get straight back into the swing in of the final semester. But any student or former student knows that this is not really the case, the first week back is often a bit of a nightmare. Most likely the Easter break was a mix of gorging on chocolate, doing less revision than planned, catching up with ‘home friends’ and perhaps even having a mini holiday abroad. Or it may be that swamped in deadlines you didn’t really have a real break at all.


With that in mind here are some tips from me to you on how to get those creative juices running and maximise the revision time that’s left and get back into the swing of things, with a focus on wellbeing.

  • Get some exercise. Be it a stroll around Weston Park, a half day in the Peaks or trip to the gym. Exercise has been shown to help lower stress levels and refresh your mind.


  • Get a good sleeping pattern. Aim for around 8 hours each day, and tailor around your schedule and preferences to be an early bird or night owl. To enable this to actually happen you want to avoid screens for about an hour before you want to sleep and avoid caffeinated drinks after dinner.


  • Put down the highlighter. A controversial opinion but some research indicates that the go-to stationary item may be less effective than thought, isolating instead of connecting information.


  • Ditch the phone. If you’re anything like me having your phone on the desk is a distraction in itself, you want to check your messages, twitter, instagram and before you know it FOMO has kicked in and half an hour is gone. There are loads of great distraction minimising apps available (check the end of this post) if having your phone in another room is too much.


  • Take proper breaks. Not ‘fake breaks’ that consist of eating and reading slightly slower or going to the toilet. In my opinion a proper break needs to be at least 20 minutes long and should occur every 40-90 minutes depending on what you’re doing. Think of all the things you can do; catch up on your favourite tv, crazy dance to Beyonce, have a catch up with a friend the possibilities are endless. (Just don’t let it go on too long).

crazy dance

  • Don’t compete with other people. This can happen all too easily as the conversation moves on to revision, who cares if they’ve done 5 hours already or spent all night in the IC. You don’t know how effective it really was and everyone is different.


Good luck with that revision!

Top distraction avoidance (free) apps:

  • Freedom.
  • Flipd.
  • Focus keeper.
  • Power Focus.
  • Study break.


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