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Give 1:1 Study Skills Tutorials A Go!

Hey everybody!

I have recently took advantage of the 1:1 Study Skills Tutorial at the 301 Students Skills and Development Centre. I realised that I needed help with writing literature reviews as I did not have a lot experience in it. The Dissertation Planning workshop did discuss literature reviews but I needed more guidance on how to think and write critically.

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I took the initiative to sign up for the tutorial here. The 1:1 tutorial is much more flexible than workshops as you can choose which time slot. When signing up, you will have to fill in a form regarding what you would like to discuss during the session. It is essential to do it so the tutors can prepare and help you as much as possible in half an hour.

The form you will have to fill in when you book a tutorial


I was brought to the pod by the tutor, Kirsty. I explained to her my concerns and showed her an example of a literature review I did for an assignment. She listened and read my piece, then gave me recommendations and advice for what I could do to improve on it in the future. She also gave me some paper resources to read and later sent me online resources.


The experience was informative and relaxing. The tutor made sure to go through with all of my issues and gave me tailored advice. I have learned a lot from this tutorial and feel more confident with literature reviews now.


Although it’s semester break now, the 1:1 Study Skills Tutorials are still available! Give 1:1 Study Skills Tutorials a go! It is really helpful if you need extra guidance and to learn a topic in-depth.




We are 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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