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How to become a Sheffield Mentor!

What is a University of Sheffield Mentor?

  • Mentors are students who volunteer to help mentees (usually first year and international students) settle in to university life and provide a first point of contact for queries.
  • As a mentor you should arrange to meet your mentee when they first arrive at University and keep in contact with them throughout the year, or as long as they find it helpful.
  • Some questions you can deal with yourself, and sometimes you will need to refer the question on to another person or service. You are expected to be helpful and friendly, but the expectations of your role is not unrealistic and you are not expected to “do it all”.
  • You will be matched with up to 4 students from your department, as you will have the most in common with them, however this doesn’t mean you will help them with extensive academic queries and you are not expected to act in place of their academic tutors or as a teacher.
  • Students from any departments can be a Mentor (with the exceptions of Denistry and Medicine which run their own schemes).


What will I gain?

  • Having taken part in the Sheffield Mentor scheme I found that it helps to develop a number of skills, including communication and interpersonal skills, through liasing with your mentee and giving them clear, concise and helpful advice. It will also help you to develop other skills such as listening, empathising and organisation.
  • Being a Mentor can be hugely rewarding on a personal level, and further to this you might develop long lasting friendships through the scheme.
  • As a mentor you will receive a certificate acknowledging the training and work you’ve done.  A mentee may even nominate you for an ‘Outstanding Mentor of the Year’ Award.
  • It looks great on your CV that you’re keen to get involved with extra things at university and help others, and gives you something interesting to talk about in interviews etc.

Mentors having coffee

Mentors’ Comments:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed being a mentor, and felt it was extremely worthwhile, it was great to know that you were able to help someone else and they appreciated the time you were able to give them. It was very satisfying!”
  • “I’ve found it to be a very rewarding experience and hope my mentees love Sheffield as much as I do!”

How can I apply?

  • You can find lots of information for prospective mentors at this link, and apply online using the Sheffield Mentors Hub and the preferred deadline is Wednesday 5th April!




We are 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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