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A brief intro!


I’m Miranda, a final year law student, and as of January I’m one of the new Student Interns at 301! For those of you who are wondering “What is a Student Intern?” or “What is 301?” (or if, alternatively, you’re just looking for a good reason to procrastinate without feeling guilty because this is at least sort of educational…) then read on!


So firstly, what is 301?

  • 301 (or 301 Student Skills and Development Centre) is a team of fantastic people dedicated to helping all students at Sheffield University with their academic needs.
  • We are located in the impressive building opposite the SU on Glossop Road (i.e. the road which Harley is on).
  • If you’re guilty of making “New semester, new me” resolutions which go out of the window after Week 2, or even if you just feel there are a couple of areas in your skills you could tweak to improve, then 301 could be the perfect answer to keeping you on track post-Christmas break. With the help of 301, this semester could be the one where you get organised early on and take the pressure off the dreaded deadline/exam season.
  • At 301 there’s many different workshops to book on to, to help students with commonly reoccurring issues/ areas for improvement, for example:
    • Proofreading
    • Critical thinking
    • Note taking
    • Dissertation Planning
  • If you have a more specific area of your research or study skills which you’d like to improve you can make an appointment with a tutor for a 30 minute 1:1 tutorial.
  • Also available is MASH, offering drop in appointments to help with your Maths and Statistics needs.
  • Check out the 301 website at for loads of useful online resources and more information about what you’re missing out on!


What is a Student Intern?

  • Week 4 into the role, so far being a 301 Student Intern is proving to be a pretty perfect student job. The staff are extremely friendly and it’s a great way to gain an insight into how the different schemes at the university work.
  • It’s really flexible and the hours aren’t too much so it’s easy to balance alongside university work and social life. If anything having a part-time job is really useful in making sure you manage your time effectively!
  • The work is interesting and involves manning the reception desk, organising and collecting Workshop information and data, and maintaining the 301 social media accounts. 

How can I become one?!

  • Keep an eye out on our blogtwitter and the Sheffield career connect page!
  • Get to know more about how 301 works by taking advantage of the workshops and other tools available online and in the building. 
  • In the meantime if you’d like to get involved in other university programmes related to helping students develop their skills then why not apply to be a Sheffield University Mentor for new students and international students (applications for 2018-2019 open in March!), or see if you can get involved in the PASS scheme if your department runs one!




We are 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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