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How to do life: Time Management

Hi everyone! My name is Maddie and I am one of the 301 interns for this term. If you have any queries or are just coming in to 301 for one of our workshops, you will find me at reception!


Apart from working for 301, I like to think that I am pretty involved with the University and the Students Union. Coming to university as an international student, I got involved in numerous societies and activities around campus which I really enjoyed, but which added up to a point where my poor time management skills became pretty obvious to the people I was working with.

With everything going on, first year taught me some really important lessons about how to make the most of my time and here are some of the ones I stick by even today:

  • It is ok to get involved in as many things as you want at the beginning BUT make up your mind!


University is the time when you try things out and with our Students Union hosting more than 300 student societies and countless other activities and opportunities, it’s pretty hard to decide on just one thing. However, once you have tried a couple societies, a few Give it a Gos and attended a handful of events, have a think about which one you tend to prioritise over the others and that’s it! That’s the activity you should stick with for the time being. Trying to do everything and be everywhere will just not let you enjoy the full experience anywhere. So stick with one and give it your best!

  • Make people aware of your time commitments:


Even though you would like to get involved in as many things as possible, there will always be things you prioritise and that is ok. These are the things that will be great for your personal development and those that make your time at uni enjoyable. While you do this, make sure other are aware of it too. Most of the student societies and events rely on volunteers and people that commit to attend and it is key for their well functioning to know who they can count on at all times. I am 100% sure they would really appreciate your honesty when mentioning your availability!

  • Make planning fun, easy and accessible


This is an old trick that gets mentioned everywhere. Yet, I cannot stress how important it is to have some sort of way in which you can organise yourself at the end of the day. Download an agenda app, set up reminders on your phone, get a cute planner (personal recommendation- “Passion Planner”), use Google Calendar (you can do that with your uni email to make your life easier) or just experiment with any other method and see what works for you. In a busy day you are bound to forget a time or a location for a meeting or just double book something by mistake. Having something to refer to during hectic times will spare you loads of headaches and make you more efficient in the end!

And this is how I survive uni and I hope some of the things mentioned here will prove to be useful for you too! If you would like some more extensive help with time management 301 has some excellent workshops coming up so be quick and head over to our website to book one!



We are 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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