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My time as a 301 Taste of Work student: Chenyu

I’m Chenyu and now I’m doing my taste of work programme in 301 students skill and development centre. I am in my second year study in urban planning.   I came from China and this is my third year in UK. Today I want to share some experiences about the challenges I have met during my studying life as an international student in Sheffield.  


I still remember the first day when I arrived at Manchester airport. It was a rainy day with strong wind. I perhaps lost all my English skills at the moment when I get off flight. Everything was different from china and I felt afraid about everything: language, course, no friend and even I don’t know where the supermarket is and where can I get some food. The first thing I started to solve these problem was ask help online. I searched  for some chinses students online chat group and joined them. Many of them are living in Sheffield. And they help me to find supermarkets, restaurants and shops. When the courses started, the department given us international supports for language, academic writing and upload lecture slides before class we can do some pre-learning.    

But the most difference between my previous Chinses study and British study is independence study and time management. In my high school studying life, we start class at 7am and finish 9 pm. We spend whole day in school. School and teachers help us manage all the time detailed in every hour. Only we need to do is follow the instruction step by step.   But when I came to Sheffield, I found that things changed. We only have 4-5 classes every week. But we have many reading list and self- work to do individually.   It requires strongly time management and we need to balance the leisure time and study time.


In the end I am very grateful to work with 301 students skill and development centre. All the staffs here are very nice and patient.   Jen showed me many works they usually do and teach me some basic working skills like record the attendance and how to upload it on computer system.  It is a wonderful experience working here and with these lovely people. And I think it is really helpful to my future study or working life.



We are 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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