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From Evidence to Argument Workshop


I recently attended my first workshop of the year – ‘From Evidence to Argument’. Despite working at 301 I have only attended one workshop previously but it was this positive experience which led me to apply for the intern role here!

The From Evidence to Argument Workshop is ran jointly by 301 and the library which works really well as the staff have different perspectives and can offer advice on different areas.

The first section of the workshop covered finding evidence and different types of sources. This included how to start researching for a piece of work and also considering bias in different sources.

The second half of the workshop taught us how to structure a successful argument, including the use of evidence. This is a really useful skill for essays as well as for the discussion section of scientific reports.

In order to practice the skills we had been taught, we used ‘Brexit’ as an example. This led to some really cool conversations with other members of the group, particularly as we had people from many nationalities so we had a range of interesting viewpoints!

For me, the most useful part of the workshop was the argument structure. I have lots of deadlines coming up including my research project write up so there will be plenty of opportunities to practice what I have learnt!

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My time as a 301 Taste of Work student: Chenyu

I’m Chenyu and now I’m doing my taste of work programme in 301 students skill and development centre. I am in my second year study in urban planning.   I came from China and this is my third year in UK. Today I want to share some experiences about the challenges I have met during my studying life as an international student in Sheffield.  


I still remember the first day when I arrived at Manchester airport. It was a rainy day with strong wind. I perhaps lost all my English skills at the moment when I get off flight. Everything was different from china and I felt afraid about everything: language, course, no friend and even I don’t know where the supermarket is and where can I get some food. The first thing I started to solve these problem was ask help online. I searched  for some chinses students online chat group and joined them. Many of them are living in Sheffield. And they help me to find supermarkets, restaurants and shops. When the courses started, the department given us international supports for language, academic writing and upload lecture slides before class we can do some pre-learning.    

But the most difference between my previous Chinses study and British study is independence study and time management. In my high school studying life, we start class at 7am and finish 9 pm. We spend whole day in school. School and teachers help us manage all the time detailed in every hour. Only we need to do is follow the instruction step by step.   But when I came to Sheffield, I found that things changed. We only have 4-5 classes every week. But we have many reading list and self- work to do individually.   It requires strongly time management and we need to balance the leisure time and study time.


In the end I am very grateful to work with 301 students skill and development centre. All the staffs here are very nice and patient.   Jen showed me many works they usually do and teach me some basic working skills like record the attendance and how to upload it on computer system.  It is a wonderful experience working here and with these lovely people. And I think it is really helpful to my future study or working life.

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Taste of Work Programme

I’m Chris and I came to 301 to do a few hours of work experience through the Taste of Work programme. I am currently in my second year studying Mechatronics. (If you don’t know what that is it’s basically transformers and stuff…!)

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I had a great time at the 301 Skills Centre and all the staff were very friendly and helpful! I shadowed the busy 301 enquiry desk and watched how the staff respond to queries in person, over the phone and by email. I also had the opportunity to register students attending a workshop.

I learnt about all the various services that the 301 Skills Centre provide. These range from Maths and Statistics Help (MASH) to academic skills workshops such as critical thinking and presentation skills. I will definitely be making use of some of these over the next couple of years!

The Taste of Work Programme is run by the University’s Careers Service. As a 2nd year Engineering student, work experience is very important for me to help obtain an industrial summer placement. I would recommend Taste of Work to anyone who needs some experience as it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and give your CV an extra boost!

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A bit about me!

I’m Amber, a 3rd year BSc Biology student originally from Oxfordshire. I love animals and own 3 dogs and a lizard… So most my blogs are probably going to include an animal meme or two!

Within my degree my main interest is in palaeobiology and I would like to work in a museum eventually (yes, like Ross from Friends!). I currently help out in the Animal and Plant Sciences departmental museum ‘The Alfred Denny Museum’ which is small but beautiful and well worth a visit! In my spare time I enjoy belly dancing and I am the Publicity and Events Officer which means making lots of pretty posters and organising performances with sparkly costumes! I also enjoy taking part in occasional outreach events in my department and have recently become a Clubbing Crew volunteer! As well as my intern role at 301, I have another part-time role in the university as a SALT (Student Associate in Learning and Teaching), the two tie in really well together and I would recommend either to anyone reading!

So 3rd year is shaping up to be my busiest year so far! I’m hoping to make the most of some of the workshops on offer at 301 to help me do the best I can in my project write up this semester, and my dissertation next semester! I will keep you guys posted as I attend a few workshops this year and get ready to graduate!


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Day One

Moving in on the day was an exciting and quite a daunting process. Spending the first night on your own is strange for everyone, even though others may pretend it isn’t. The main thing is to remind yourself why you are at Universityand getting through the first week events and registration as well as having fun and meeting new people.

Remember the people in first week you meet, (other than flatmates), will more than likely not stay in contact once the course starts but this is really not an issue, as naturally people make friends when they share similar circumstances. Basically, don’t worry, take on board and enjoy

Introduction and Welcome to the University

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An inspiring talk at the Octagon Centre by the University Chancellor reminded us to enjoy as much as we can every moment at University and never miss out on an opportunity. A real great way to again remind everyone why they came and what they will achieve if they come to University with the right frame of mind.  


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Joining societies and getting involved in the ‘GIVE IT GO’ scheme that the University offers are a great way of assimilating into the ‘Student Life.’ I put this in inverted commas as I don’t think there is such thing as thee student life. The student life is whatever you want it to be and no one can or should be able to change that for you. With over 300+ societies, there is surely something the university can offer. If not, start your own with 4 others…

Starting the course

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After fresher’s week, what you worked over 14+ years of school for begins. You are there doing what you like to do and like most things, the course WILL be challenging but that no course is designed to be any easy ride. In any case, you will be assigned a personal tutor for your course duration who are there to help in the most private and confidential way. In addition to this, the 301 Study Skills centre on Glossop Road offers help in specific difficulties which many students may face during their period of study.

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Reading Week

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Reading week (usually within the first two weeks of November) is the perfect opportunity to read around your course. Don’t just follow course recommendations, test your research limits and use the three main sources for information (Diamond, IC and Western Bank) to improve your skills. Reading week also provides a great opportunity to spend one or two days at home and remind yourself the Christmas break isn’t too far away…

”Only if you’ve been in the deepest v
alley can you ever know how magnificent it is, to be on the highest mountain.” Richard M. Nixon (Tricky Dick) – Possibly not the greatest person to quote, but one to remember nonetheless…

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