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Advice from an old-timer: Words of Wisdom


My name is Jenny and I’m one of the new 301 interns this year! I’ve recently made the daunting transition from a ‘care-free’ (I wish) undergraduate degree (BSc Biochemistry in case anyone was wondering) into (the more serious-sounding) MSc Molecular Medicine. It’s been quite the jump.

To kick-off my series of blogs I thought I’d share some words of wisdom on all things academic from someone who has recently graduated:

  1. Don’t fool yourself into thinking one night essay sittings are a good idea. Yes you may get an alright grade, maybe even a good one, but is it really worth the stress and sleep deprived state?
  2. Get your academic writing style mastered (or at least improved) as soon as possible, even scientists have to write reports and grant proposals, so as they say all practice is good practice!
  3. Make friends with your personal/academic tutor, they are an invaluable source of support both academically and personally and getting to know them better will only help in getting that glowing reference! Even if you feel like you’re bothering them, just remember it’s what they are there for and really asking questions shows enthusiasm and commitment to study.
  4. Don’t underestimate the importance of learning which revision techniques suit you! Not everyone learns in the same way and it’s better to find out before the exams begin! Reading the textbook the night before might work out for some, but will it for you?
  5. Start thinking reflectively, this isn’t purely an academic thing but trust me when you get to third year and are looking into future opportunities this will be invaluable (you’ll want to give your past self a hug)! What skills has volunteering given you? What did the essay feedback actually say? How can you prove that you’re a team player?

Lucky for you, 301 is here to help you develop your academic skills with workshops, tutorials and online resources! So start being productive and check us out (see how I linked it back to 301)