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What really goes down in a 301 workshop?


So you’ve mastered the door (you have to swipe your ucard after 5pm), now what happens? I went to Academic Writing: Paragraphs, Flow and Connectivity to find out.

It was snowing outside which made me grateful that I was sat in this workshop rather than walking home. It was nice and warm in the workshop and people seemed friendly and talkative even though they didn’t know each other. There was a huge range of students and all of them were very intelligent (despite some people thinking 301 is only for people who struggle). It was also a nice sized group.


The session started bang on 5.30pm. People who were late were quite distracting but students aren’t allowed in if they are more than 10 minutes late. Despite this, everyone was very awake and concentrating hard which was impressive for 5.30 on a Tuesday evening.

There were lots of activities.


The tables were round making it really easy for everyone to communicate properly and work together on the group tasks. There were quite a few group tasks which made it more interesting and easy to focus. There were also lots of interactive activities which really broke up the content and there were handouts which was really useful. I also got the PowerPoint at the end of the evening. This made it really easy to review the content afterwards.

There was a lot of useful stuff and the tutors are students themselves so were able to give good websites and resources they use themselves.

I would definitely go to another session.




We are 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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