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New Semester, New Me!

How many times have you said ‘I’m actually going to keep on top of everything this semester’? My guess is at least once a semester. How do we keep that motivation and carry it through to exam season? Here is my advice:

Step 1: Organise yourself! I have colour coded my notebooks this semester so I have 1 for each semester. I coloured mine with a stripe of nail varnish but you can use pens etc. This will keep your notes organized and logical.

Step 2: Actually attend lectures. It may be 9am but you’re paying £9,000 a year to skip them. Also, if you don’t go you will have missing information from your newly colour coded books and it will look scruffy and unorganised.

Step 3: Don’t go to out or go to bed until you’re finished. It’s tempting to leave for a night out or go to bed when you have a lecture the next day for a module which you haven’t done all the reading for but be strict. You can go out a little later or go to bed  a little later and be on top of everything. *Health warning: I don’t recommend staying up until 5am everyday just an hour or so later.

Step 4: Get into a routine. Get up every day in time for a 9am lecture and study if you don’t have one. This way you will maximize your day.

Step 5: Remember the panic of last semester at exam time and also remember the lack of study time between this semester ending and exams starting! This will help motivate you.

Finally, remember if you need academic skills help, you can visit us at 301!



We are 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and we give academic skills advice to our students at the University of Sheffield. We offer workshops and 1:1 appointments.

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